Monday, October 24, 2005

Michael Geist: Government Caves to Lobbyists on Do-Not-Call Legislation

Michael Geist continues to chronicle the journey of the proposed "Do Not Call" law through the legislative sausage factory:

Michael Geist - Government Caves to Lobbyists on Do-Not-Call Legislation:

"Appeared in the Toronto Star on October 24, 2005 as Ottawa Caves to Lobbyists on Do-Not-Call Law Sometime this week - possibly as soon as later today - the House of Commons will proceed to pass do-not-call legislation by giving Bill C-37 its third and final reading. While officials from all parties will likely point proudly to the new law as evidence that government can respond to the concerns of Canadians, the reality is that the bill has devolved into an embarrassing shell of its original self, rendered practically useless under the onslaught of lobby groups determined to thwart any attempt to limit their ability to call consumers at all hours of the day."

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