Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hidden Camera in Law Firm Bathroom = Lawsuit

I don't often find good privacy stories by reading blogs about law firm marketing and management, but sometimes you just luck out ...

From Larry Bodine's great Professional Marketing Blog (verbatim):

Larry Bodine's PROFESSIONAL MARKETING Blog: Hidden Camera in Bathroom = Lawsuit:

How would you like to be the marketer for the l7-lawyer firm of Mangan, Langhenry, Gillen & Lundquist in Wheaton, IL: They got sued by a former attorney who discovered a hidden camera in the ladies' bathroom -- twice.

A woman identifying herself only a 'Jane Doe,' said in her complaint filed in Cook County District Court that she discovered a hidden video camera in the toilet paper roll one day. She removed it, only to find it back in place a month later. Apparently one of the male partners was using it to view or record everyone who used the stall.

According to WBBM news radio in Chicago, one of the male partners recently left the firm, but wouldn't say who it was. It also wouldn't comment.

If you were the marketing director of this disaster, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

Could she even sue for that in Canada?

It's not like the guy was sharing the videos he collected.

Anonymous said...

It was really an awful act. Girls like us that should not be treated that way, it’s really annoying. Hope they’ll find out soon who is the mastermind.