Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Canada and EU sign data-sharing accord for passenger information

Canada and the European Union have signed an agreement for the transatlantic transfer of passenger data. I haven't seen the actual accord yet, but both sides are naturally talking about how wonderful it is and how it incorporates robust data protection standards.

Air Transport World Daily News:

"European Union and Canada signed an agreement allowing the transfer of selected API/PNR data by airlines flying from the EU to Canada. 'The agreement strikes a good balance between security requirements and the data protection standards required under EU and Canadian law, thus making an important contribution to the fight against terrorism,' the European Commission said in a statement, noting that the negotiations took 'over two years of painstaking work.' The EC said the agreement with Canada gives further enhanced data protection compared to the deal concluded with the US last year, and a smaller number of data elements are involved. In addition, carriers will initiate the transfer of data using the so-called 'push' system. The European Parliament is trying to get the agreement with the US blocked and has lodged an appeal against it with the European Court of Justice. The court's ruling is expected in the coming months. The accord with Canada will enter into force once notes have been exchanged confirming that the Canadian side has completed the internal regulatory changes necessary for full implementation."

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