Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dick Hardt's Identity 2.0 presentation from OSCON

Major thanks are due to Rob Hyndman for pointing me to a very cool presenation given by Dick Hardt (of Sxip and Identity2.0) at O'Reilly's Open Source Con. The presentation has loads of style as well as substance about what is meant by "Identity 2.0" and how it is hoping to make your credentialed identity portable on the 'net.

Identity2.0 - OSCON Presentation:

"As the online world moves towards Web 2.0, the concept of digital identity is evolving, and existing identity systems are falling behind. New systems are emerging that place identity in the hands of users instead of directories. Simple, secure and open, these systems will provide the scalable, user-centric mechanism for authenticating and managing real-world identities online, enabling truly distinct and portable Internet identities."

You can choose to see the presentation in QT, Flash, WinMedia, etc.

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