Sunday, October 09, 2005

Boston's big brother on bulk beer buys

Sorry. Couldn't resist that headline.

City authorities in Boston are planning to require all beer vendors to send the names and particulars of everyone who buys a keg of beer in the city to the local police, so that the cops can drop by parties to check on how things are going. The privacy acspect of this commented upon, albeit briefly: U.S.:

Big Brother' Watching

``Big Brother is watching,'' [Boston Detective Tom Sexton] said, in a reference to the George Orwell novel ``1984.'' ``I guess in some respects we are. But we're doing so for good reasons.''

Invasion-of-privacy arguments don't hold up, [Boston Licensing Board Chairman] Pokaski said.

``There's no privacy when alcohol is concerned because it is a highly regulated commodity,'' he said.

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