Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Equifax looks like a good bet

According to CNN/Money, business is booming for consumer reporting agency Equifax. In fact, analysts say that the fear of ID theft is probably helping their bottom line: Equifax looks like a good bet - Jun. 1, 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Its nice to see Equifax has created a nice little business for themselves. Frankly Im still amazed that something as important as our credit information (lets face it, today without credit your life could be destroyed) is still left to an oligopoly.

I know the right wing guys will say, the government has enough information on us, but given how important this stuff is it should be better monitored.

Anyone on this site can tell you that Equifax and Transunion are as responsive to joe consumer as an elephant to a tick. They report information thats wrong as often as its right, and they generally ignore the law, lobby the politicians with stories of economic collapse if they are reigned in.

Now we need to give them $200 (2 of them) per year to make sure that they haven't given our information to the wrong people - and frankly, by the time you see it on Equifax your gonna be too late anyway.

Nice to see consumers coming out on top again - opps sorry ...