Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Security breaches challenge academia's 'open society'

The number of reported privacy incidents involving US universities is truly staggering. I am apparently not the only one to have noticed ... Jay Cline, in Computerworld, has an interesting opinion piece, discussing the phenomenon, its causes and the outlook for more ... He even has a nice table summarizing the incidents in the last little while.

Security breaches challenge academia's 'open society' - Computerworld:

"JUNE 07, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - While all the attention lately has been focused on security breaches at our nation's data consolidators, U.S. universities have also been notifying thousands of employees, students and alumni to monitor their personal accounts for unusual activity. The University of Iowa recently became at least the 16th college this year to publicly disclose a breach of its information security (see table)...."

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