Thursday, June 30, 2005

Invasion of privacy by internet. Exhibit 1: The Dog Poop Girl

Recently, I've posted a few blog entries about blogging and privacy. Now, an anonymous correspondent has pointed me to an interesting story (I am assuming he does not want to be associated with this particular story): A Korean woman has involuntarily become despised and reviled because (a) her dog pooped in the subway, (b) she refused to clean it up when asked, (c) someone took a picture of her with her dog and the mess and put it on the 'net. She is now notorious and ridiculed throughout Korea. Some would say that this is a huge invasion of privacy but others would say that it's a good old fashioned shaming, only facilitated by the online community. For more info, see: Don Park's Daily Habit - Korean Netizens Attack Dog-Shit-Girl


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