Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Data Aggregators: A Study on Data Quality and Responsiveness

PrivacyActivisim.org has conducted a study of the accuracy of information contained in the records of Choicepoint and Acxiom.

In light of the use the employers and others make of this information, the results are troubling....

Data Aggregators: A Study on Data Quality and Responsiveness:

"...100% of the reports given out by ChoicePoint had at least one error in them. Error rates for basic biographical data (including information people had to submit in order to receive their reports) fared almost as badly: Acxiom had an error rate of 67% and ChoicePoint had an error rate of 73%. In other words, the majority of participants had at least one such significant error in their reported biographical data from each data broker...."

Thanks to Schneier on Security: Accuracy of Commercial Data Brokers for the link.

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