Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dear Sir: Your Data Was Stolen

Dan Goodin, a regular contributor to Wired, writes about his experience after receiving a letter from his former university that his data had been compromised.

Wired News: Dear Sir: Your Data Was Stolen:

"... With or without government intervention, companies that fail to take effective action will surely suffer for it. Already, I'm thinking twice about donating money to UC Berkeley or continuing my relationship with Bank of America. Better to keep my information out of their hands altogether than risk them losing it."


Anonymous said...

Do not know how it is done in Canada, but here is what could be done with e-mail in the US when they are used for political purposes when the orgin of e-mails is questionable:


Monday, June 13, 2005
Privacy Busting “Beltway Spammer” has been “outed”
Who’s hawking email addresses that politicians use to spam us? NGP, a democratic spam operation outed in Privacy Times. NGP claims they’ve got 25 MILLION “opt-in” email addresses they matched to our voter records for political spam.
You think these wizards at NGP may not know what “opt-in means?
Do they think that because they work for Hillary they can spam us?
Do the politico’s listed at their site even know their names are being used to promo these jerks? When are dems going to stop shooting themselves with sleazy tactics? To win elections, we need to lead on privacy. Tell your rep to GET YOU OFF THE LIST that I’m pretty damn sure none of us “Opted-in” to.

[check out picture of NGP’s “building” from their site. Notice something funny about the sign? Hint: it’s photo-shopped]


Sen. John Kerry D-MA
Sen. Joe Lieberman D-CT
Sen. Charles Schumer D-NY
Sen. Harry Reid D-NV
Sen. Kent Conrad D-ND
Sen. Tim Johnson D-SD
Sen. Hillary Clinton D-NY
Sen. Edward Kennedy D-MA
Sen. Barbara Boxer D-CA
Sen. Mary Landrieu D-LA
Sen. Mark Pryor D-AR


Rep. Nancy Pelosi D-CA
Rep. Martin Frost D-TX
Rep. Steny Hoyer D-MD
Rep. Robert Menendez D-NJ
Rep. David Obey D-WI
Rep. Nita Lowey D-NY
Rep. Sander Levin D-MI
Rep. Jim Oberstar D-MN
Rep. Maurice Hinchey D-NY

Anonymous said...

Not good for dems to do this stuff. sounds like that abroff lobbyist on the casino thing who got caught plucking feathers from indians.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed, but not altogether surprised, that US politicians like Schumer and Clinton would let their names be used to promote a spammer. If I voted in the US, I'd vote as many times as possible, against these hypocrites.