Monday, June 27, 2005

Incident: Bank of America customer given access to others' accounts

Bank of America is making privacy news again, this time for accidentally allowing at least one customer access to accounts beloning to others:

Customer given access to others' accounts - The Boston Globe - - Business:

"Bank of America Corp. says its recent conversion of FleetBoston accounts to its computer network went smoothly, but don't tell that to Mark Levy, who accidentally got online access to about $90,000 of other people's money.

When Levy went to the bank's website to check his accounts, the freelance writer from Brookline said, he also had access to several accounts that weren't his. If he were criminally inclined, he said, he could have emptied those accounts.

Bank spokesman Ernesto Anguilla said that what happened was an isolated incident caused by ''human error' and ''unrelated to the conversion.' While Levy got access to about 10 accounts, it appears that they belonged to two customers, Anguilla said...."

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