Sunday, June 05, 2005

Beware the bear

A number of sorority sisters in the US have discovered that sometimes a teddy bear can be a trojan horse. In this case, it concealed a video camera but their suspicions were not piqued though the bear seemed to be travelling around their sorority house to get a better angle of the bathroom. - An extreme invasion of privacy:

"At first, the six women of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority house at Moravian College thought little of the teddy bear that appeared in their shared bathroom.

The stuffed animal allegedly belonged to XXXXXXXX, the 26-year-old boyfriend of one of the girls, who had been staying at the house.

But over the course of two weeks in February, the bear reappeared in different locations, at times facing the shower, toilet and other corners of the second-floor bathroom at 1118 Main St., Bethlehem.

It wasn't until XXXXXX's girlfriend wanted to tape a TV show for her sorority sisters that she noticed something suspicious - an unfamiliar tape in the videocassette recorder. She pushed the play button, and images of her bathroom filled the screen...."

I think the moral of the story is that in an age of mini-electronics, you need to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, particularly in your bathroom. Update: I've removed the guy's name since the charges were later dropped.


Anonymous said...

FYI - never happened. he did not do it. so says pennsylvania law. and that's that. remove the article or i will contact him and have him contact his lawyer, who will then MAKE you remove it.


Anonymous said...

never happened? is that why he was arrested and charged with peeping tom violations? or maybe because he admitted it and said he destroyed the remaining tapes-wake up-just because he said he was sooo sorry and you forgave doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

he was charged because someone in the house blew it out of proportion and assumed that it happend. There was no arrest,admition, no sworn statements, the bullsh*t charge was dropped, records expunged, and apology to him from the county of Northampton. I didn't think they could do all that if it really did happen. Drop it. I hear he profited from all the publicity, so it would be best not to bring it up anymore. It might be a good idea to unpost this whole topic.

Anonymous said...

After reading this article and the comments posted it made me sick. To think there was a bear with a hidden camera, even if it did not record anything, doesn't make it right. To put those girls and their families through that ordeal. The fact that someone could do that is sick in the head. And someone who would defend this person going as far as gloating that he profited deserves him. If 'anonymous' is a girlfriend or himself stay together or alone. It will make this world a safer place.