Sunday, June 19, 2005

Incident: University of Hawaii warns of possible identity theft

Yet another university related incident: - KPUA Hawaii News - U-H warns of possible identity theft:

"HONOLULU (AP) _ University of Hawaii officials are contacting about 20 people connected with the university to warn them about possible identity theft.

But the officials say about 150-thousand students, faculty, staff and library patrons at any of the 10 campuses between 1999 and 2003 should take precautions.

The U-H officials took the action after being advised by federal investigators in connection with the indictment of a former Sinclair Library worker on federal charges of bank fraud related to identity theft.

The case against Deborah Jenkins is unrelated to her employment as a student worker at the U-H-Manoa library system. But she had access to the university's database, which included Social Security numbers, addresses and phone numbers for more than 150-thousand students.

Deborah Jenkins remains a fugitive."

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