Friday, June 03, 2005

Incident: Jackson Community College computer compromised

Students at a community college in Michigan are being notified of a potential security breach:

Students worry about breach:

"Jackson Community College officials say measures have been taken to stop hackers from accessing computers.

By Andrea Yeutter

Daily Telegram Staff Writer

A security breach in Jackson Community College's computer system may have revealed the Social Security numbers of 8,000 JCC students and employees to a hacker who broke into the system from an external source on May 18.

The compromised computer was located in the Information Technology Office, according to the college. The computer had significant administrative privileges, including access to student and employee passwords, many of which were Social Security numbers.

Prior to the breach, student and employee Social Security numbers were used as default passwords for computer and e-mail accounts. Although college officials said they encouraged students and employees to change their passwords, many continued to use their Social Security numbers until the break-in occurred...."

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