Saturday, June 25, 2005

How secure are India's call centres?

The BBC is asking "how secure are India's call centres?", after the widely-reported story that a British journalist was able to buy personal information from a call centre employee:

BBC NEWS | South Asia | How secure are India's call centres?:


Tougher laws

The worker could also face prosecution for theft, cheating and criminal breach of laws under the country's archaic penal code.

There is now talk of a comprehensive employee data base

The offender can even be sued for damages up to $225,000 to be paid to people affected by the leakage of information. But experts say that India's information technology laws are largely skewed towards checking e-commerce fraud, and do not give adequate attention to data protection.

'India needs a dedicated data protection law to check crimes as leakage of information from call centres,' says Pavan Duggal. "

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The following articles will give a clear picture of the existence of the Data Protection Law in India:

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It is surprising that despite the proven fact of "sufficient Data Protection Law" in India, we are facing the tremendous pressure of foreign countries.


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