Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Privacy Lawyer: CPO Watch: Richard Purcell

The Privacy Lawyer: CPO Watch: Richard Purcell - Parry Aftab has a regular column in entitled the "Privacy Lawyer". In the November 17, 2003 edition, she began a new series of columns called "CPO Watch" to profile various Chief Privacy Officers. Her inaugural edition was a profile of Richard Purcell, the former CPO of Microsoft and now a privacy consultant with the Corporate Privacy Group.

"Privacy needs to be defined more broadly in larger corporations than previously thought. People tend to focus on privacy as what's collected at the Web site or on health insurance or warranty forms, instead of recognizing that privacy is much broader. Privacy and respect for personal information has to become a core value. And all employees need to guard it and make sure they are implementing the corporate strategy."

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