Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Article: ZDNet UK - Does your data belong to you?

ZDNet UK - Comment - Does your data belong to you? - ZDNet in the UK has a general commentary piece that includes the Privacy Commissioner of Australia's view of retail use of RFID:

Malcolm Crompton, Australia's Privacy Commissioner, told ZDNet Australia's James Pearce that if incorrectly implemented, RFID could be a big problem.

It's a post-sale concern -- the use of these tags along the supply chain to point of sale wasn't the issue. It's what happens after that, said Crompton. Although he conceded that RFID technology was not inherently bad, he said that individuals and companies in the United States considering collecting data after the point of sale was a cause for concern.

But the Commissioner is confident that the Privacy Act does provide a stable framework for deploying RFID technology.

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