Saturday, January 03, 2004

The dawn of a new era

Over the last couple of days, it has been interesting to see how visible PIPEDA is in the various stores I have visited. Yesterday, I went to Superstore, which had a notice up on the pharmacy desk. The sign said that because of a new law, they would have to get the consent of customers for the collection and use of their personal information. I didn't see any brochures. I decided to check out their website and followed the links to the pharmacy. Clicking on "Privacy Policy" leads to the general Loblaws privacy policy. The policy is a pretty close adaptation of the ten principles from PIPEDA, without much discussion of data sharing that may take place.

This morning, at Home Depot, I noticed a laser printed sign taped on the counter that suggested customers check out the Home Depot Canada Privacy and Security Statement, which is available on the Home Depot Canada website.

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