Thursday, January 15, 2004

Article: Federal spending is out of control: Bloc

Federal spending is out of control: Bloc: While not specifically a privacy story, this article from the Montreal Gazette reports on a Bloc Quebecois study. Among its shocking discoveries is that spending is up at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.
"Spending was also out of control in the office of Canada's privacy commissioner, which had an increase of 175 per cent in its spending over five years. Former privacy commissioner George Radwanski was forced to resign in disgrace last year after a scathing report by the auditor-general detailed his lavish expense account spending and the mismanagement of his office."

Notwithstanding exactly where the money was spent by Radwanski, it seems to me that an office that has seen its mandate quadruple might need a budget increase. From everything I've heard, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner is impaired by their lack of ability to hire personnel and to pay for educating both businesses and consumers.

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