Monday, January 19, 2004

Article: Copps willing to sign new Liberal party form - Copps willing to sign new Liberal party form - A story on reports that Sheila Copps is going to sign a candiate information form that asks rather personal information, such as criminal convictions, mental illnes, etc. It apparently also purports to give the party carte blanche to use the info for any purpose, in their absolute discretion.:

"Critics say the rules violate privacy principles which say that personal information can only be kept for a limited time and used for a specific purpose. While it is not clear if the rules violate new federal privacy legislation -- which applies only to commercial organizations and companies -- they may violate provincial laws in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec."

Update - 2004.01.21 - An article in the Toronto Star quotes Sheila Copps denouncing the Liberal party form as not "worth the paper that it is written on." Also, she says it is an invasion of her privacy and a violation of the Charter of Rights.

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