Monday, April 10, 2006

CRA sends Toronto taxpayer's information to the wrong address

A Toronto woman is up in arms after the Canada Revenue Agency accidentally mailed her tax information to the wrong person. - Toronto And GTA - Breach of privacy:

"When Renata Mehta called Canada Revenue Agency last Monday asking for a copy of the T4E she filed with her tax return, she didn't expect the government to act so quickly.

And she certainly didn't expect the confidential form to be mailed to another woman.

In what Mehta calls 'an enormous breach of privacy,' the Mississauga woman's documents, along with 2004 income tax return information of a 53-year-old Burlington woman, was sent to Margaret McLellan's apartment in East York.

Like the other two women, McLellan had called Revenue Canada last Monday to request personal documents.

Yesterday going through the stack of papers that were all packed into an envelope Tuesday, it took McLellan a minute to realize it was someone else's private information.

'I was going through the pages and said, 'Wait a minute, this isn't my name.'' ...

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