Tuesday, April 11, 2006

ChoicePoint Announces New PATRIOT Act Compliance and OFAC Compliance Software

About 99% of this is marketing speak, but parts of this press release from ChoicePoint look interesting:

ChoicePoint Announces New PATRIOT Act Compliance and OFAC Compliance Software:

New Bridger Insight XG™ to Streamline Customer Screening

ALPHARETTA, GA (PRWEB) April 4, 2006 -- ChoicePoint today announced the official launch of Bridger Insight XG, a new Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and USA PATRIOT Act (PATRIOT Act) compliance solution. The new solution is now available to more than 4,000 existing Bridger Insight clients and other businesses across the banking and finance, insurance, securities, mortgage, automotive, gaming and public sectors.

Bridger Insight XG will reduce manual workload and streamline PATRIOT Act compliance and OFAC compliance workflow across an organization using new technologies designed to greatly simplify customer screening (including OFAC checks and ID verification) and due diligence processes. The new product is designed to help businesses more efficiently identify suspected terrorists and prevent crimes such as money laundering and ID theft.

Through new automated compliance workflow and case management tools, this new OFAC and PATRIOT Act compliance software can help users realize significant cost savings and greatly reduce false positive hits. Turn-key enterprise-wide deployment is another feature of the new software, which is equipped with the latest security and expanded audit capabilities.

Bringing extensive experience as a pioneer of OFAC compliance and PATRIOT Act compliance software, Bridger Insight XG helps clients make informed decisions, while saving time and reducing workload costs.

Bridger Insight solutions are used every day by the majority of the top 25 U.S. banks and thousands other businesses across the financial, insurance, securities, mortgage, automotive, gaming and public sectors to perform real-time and scheduled batch customer screening, utilizing more than 24 up-to-date watch lists, with access to extensive business and individual identity information, Factiva® Media and in-depth politically exposed persons databases.

More information about Bridger Insight XG can be obtained at www.BridgerInsight.com/XG.

Anyone know what a "in-depth politically exposed persons database" is? If so, leave a comment. Sounds interesting...

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