Tuesday, April 26, 2005

BMO investigating faxes sent to wrong machine

CTV is breaking another story about misdirected faxes affecting another chatered bank: CTV.ca | BMO investigating faxes sent to wrong machine.

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David said...

Hey David --
I'm the reporter who broke the CIBC fax story for CTV and in the Globe and Mail. In the initial wave of reporting we did for CTV and the Globe, BMO was the only one of the big five banks for which we had no complaints of errant faxes.
So for that reason, I was interested to learn of recent reports that BMO, too, had problems with its faxes.
But CTV (or the Globe) can't take credit for breaking this story, as your post suggests (although I'm sure our producers appreciate the link!). Mike King, a reporter for The Gazette in Montreal, was the reporter who broke this one, so far as I know. The Canadian Press would have picked up Mike's story and, as a subscriber to CP, CTV would have run an edited version of the CP story on its Web site.
Cheers --