Saturday, April 16, 2005

USA Today: Rules aimed at digital misdeeds lack bite

USA Today has a breathless article about legislative initiatives to fight the recent wave of "cybercrimes". Hmm. They cite the Lexis-Nexis and ChoicePoint incidents, but fail to mentin that neither was a "cybercrime." Good old fashioned fraud. If you want, give it a read:

Yahoo! News - Rules aimed at digital misdeeds lack bite:

"Federal and state lawmakers, compelled by headlines of a computer-crime wave, are scrambling to introduce bills that would tighten cybersecurity and make it easier for prosecutors to file charges and impose stiffer penalties.

Digital thieves have rarely been so audacious. Data breaches at ChoicePoint, LexisNexis, the University of California and elsewhere, in which the personal records of thousands of Americans were pinched, underscore the brazen tactics of criminals marauding like gunslingers on a lawless Internet, security experts say...."

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