Friday, April 08, 2005

Private investigator offers information via blogs

I've recently started following Tamara Thompson's PI blog (that's "private investigator", not "personal information") at The Contra Costa Times is running an interesting profile of her, including her comments on the privacy culture and its impact on PIs. Good reading. | 04/08/2005 | Private investigator offers information via blogs:

"Tamara Thompson sits down at her computer each day and opens a window into a famously secretive profession.

As a veteran private investigator she has had some cloak-and-dagger adventures, but she saves those stories for late-night bull sessions with fellow PIs. On her trio of blogs, Thompson chronicles the intricate methodology of the investigator and what she sees as the threats to the field in an increasingly paranoid society.

Privacy has been a contentious national issue in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and resulting legislation such as the Patriot Act. Thompson's writing brings to light another important question that has received less attention: as the government gathers more information, has it also gone too far in restricting such access for private citizens?

'The government and the privacy extremists have overreacted,' Thompson said...."

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