Thursday, April 21, 2005

Incident: Japanese telco employee arrested for taking customer information

From the Daily Yomuiuri On-Line:

DoCoMo staffer held over leak :

"The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a 41-year-old temporary employee who formerly worked for NTT DoCoMo Inc. over a leak of clients' personal data. "

Interesting. I seem to recall a Canadian case that held data is not property and therefore can't be stolen. You'd have to find some sort of breach of trust to actually arrest someone.

Another interesting comment from the article:

"According to NTT DoCoMo, the walls of the secure room are glass and six security cameras record the movements of everybody who enters or leaves all day, every day.

To enter the room, a person must pass security checks, including an iris biometric identification system, company executives said.

Security analysts said the incident showed that the most advanced security systems could not prevent an insider from stealing data."

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