Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sexual history no longer taken for morning after pill in Ontario

Futher to my blog posting The Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Morning-after pill privacy concerns raised, the Information and Privacy Comimssioner of Ontario has stepped in to advise the Ontario College of Pharmacists that the interrogation of customers seeking the "morning after pill" was too broad to comply with the Personal Health Information Protectoin Act. From

Cavoukian said in an interview she was unaware of the form until she read about it in the Star and "I was taken aback. It struck me that a lot of information that was being collected was very personal. It looked excessive and I was alarmed."

The Ontario Personal Health Information Act specifies that no personal identifiable data be collected and "if you must collect it, you collect the absolute minimum," she said. "It's a fundamental principle in privacy.

"You can ask questions but you don't record it," she said. "You don't need those things."

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