Saturday, December 03, 2005

ChoicePoint in the spotlight again; seeking access to California drivers' records on behalf of DHS

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the embattled ChoicePoint has garnered some additional publicity as it seeks to have access to the entire database maintained by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. It is seeking to have the usual DMV fees waived as it is seeking the records in order to serve its client, the Department of Homeland Security. A number of Californians are a little reluctant to have the state give access to the company that allowed identity thieves free rein in its other databases. The article also discusses some tussles with the Pennsylvania DMV. Check it out: Big Data Broker Eyes DMV Records - Los Angeles Times.

Thanks to Daniel Solove at Concurring Opinions for the link. Check out what he has to say as well: Concurring Opinions: ChoicePoint Wants Your Motor Vehicle Records.

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