Saturday, December 31, 2005

New privacy laws come into force in the US at midnight

January 1 is a convenient time to bring new laws into effect. It seems like only two years ago that PIPEDA came fully into force for those of us in Canada. (And almost two years since this blog came into being.) The Associated Press has a summary of new US state laws, some of which are in reaction to the high-profile privacy breaches of the last year. Check it out:

New Year Brings Array of New State Laws - Yahoo! News

...This year, several states will take action to guard against the theft and misuse of personal information as more and more commerce moves to the Internet; several companies admitted in 2005 that hackers got into their supposedly secure databases. New Jersey and Virginia will bar making public a person's Social Security number, while Minnesota will require businesses that hold such information to quickly notify clients if there is a breach of security.

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