Sunday, December 18, 2005

Incident: Tape containing records of 2 million mortgagors lost

Another missing tape incident. No evidence of fraud, but notable nevertheless:

ABN AMRO data lost:

"Homeowners should monitor credit reports

December 17, 2005

If you have a home mortgage through LaSalle Bank or the former Standard Federal Bank, look out for a letter from your lender warning you about a missing computer tape -- a tape that includes your Social Security number and payment history.

Friday, ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, a subsidiary of LaSalle Bank Corp., announced that a computer tape containing data for about 2 million mortgage customers had been lost.

About 320,000 homeowners in Michigan would have been included on that tape.

The homeowners could have gotten an ABN AMRO mortgage through LaSalle Bank branches, the former Standard Federal Bank, outside mortgage brokers or ABN AMRO's own

Thomas M. Goldstein, chairman and chief executive officer of ABN AMRO Mortgage Group in Chicago, said the lender deeply regrets the mix-up but has seen no signs of identity theft or misuse of the information at this point....

Update: The Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Update: Tape containing information on 2M mortgage customers found.

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