Monday, September 26, 2005

Privacy as a pretext

The headline for this should have been "Privacy Law used as a Pretext to Keep Parents from Classrooms":

Privacy Law Keeps Parents Out of Classrooms

"September 26, 2005

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Six Independence schools say no more parents in the classroom.

The principals of the schools cite a federal privacy law that limits access to student records.

Principal Jon of Bryant Elementary says he implemented the rule to prevent parents from gossiping about other people's children.

But state lawyers say they interpret the privacy rule to deal only with student records, not parents visiting classrooms.

The superintendent of Independence schools says he agrees with the state, but that the six schools started the ban because of disruptive parents.

The six schools include Bryant, Mill Creek, Randall and Proctor Elementary schools as well as Bridger Middle School and Truman High School."

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