Thursday, September 29, 2005

Edmonton Police cleared of alleged leak of personal information to skinhead defendant

You may recall the allegations made in December of last year that the Edmonton Police Service leaked personal information about an Alberta lawyer to a criminal defendant in the US. See The Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Authorities give US prisoner detailed personal information on Albertans.

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that the Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner has cleared the police service of responsibility for the leak: - Alberta - EPS cleared in info leak to con:

"...Tom Engel theorized that information about his tax deductions, social insurance number, income and RRSP contributions - and similar files on his law partner, their wives and four legal assistants - ended up in the U.S. jail cell of convicted skinhead Daniel Sims back in December because Edmonton cops were somehow targeting him as an enemy of the service.

But a spokesman for privacy commissioner Frank Work said an investigation by the group showed EPS made no such disclosure to Sims...."

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