Friday, September 09, 2005

Don't show your new Master Card to the guy with the camera

Hurricane Katrina evacuee Latesha Vinnett holds a debit card from the Red Cross with her daughter Mychal Boykins outside the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas.(AFP/Stan Honda)Relief authorities in the southern United States have decided to distribute some individual financial relief in the form of special Master Card debit-type cards. While the program has had its problems, there really isn't much of a privacy angle other than the fact that I was very surprised to trip over the picture on the right. Note to self: when a news photographer asks me for a picture of me and my new credit card, say no thanks. I wouldn't be too surprised to see that account drained before she gets to the store. See: Hurricanes & Tropical Storms on Yahoo! News Photos.

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Anonymous said...

Not only that - the news services should know enough to at least blank out the numbers!!!