Friday, September 23, 2005

BC school board incident involved much more info than first reported, but tapes are found

The school board incident that I first reported on earlier this week (The Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Personal information stolen from Vancouver Island school board office) involved much more information than first reported. The backup tapes had payroll info for two other school boards, but the Saanich School Board didn't mention it to the media or police because it apparently wasn't their story to tell.

Stolen data includes banking information from other districts

"...As many as 1,000 employees in Saanich had their bank account information on the stolen tapes and roughly 9,000 students had their grades and contact information backed up as well, leading to concerns about identity theft..."

The affected school board now has an update, saying the safe and tapes have been found:

School District 63 Home Page:

"The safe stolen from the Saanich School Board Office on Monday September 19, 2005 has been recovered, as have the majority of its contents. The safe was found in the ocean in two parts, suggesting that it was opened violently. The contents, including encrypted backup tapes, were strewn along the ocean front, either floating or embedded in kelp, along a 60m stretch of water. The police continue to search for evidence, and appreciate the assistance of the public in providing them with information either through Crimestoppers or by calling 652-4441."

Thanks to Mathew Englander for the updated info.

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