Sunday, July 03, 2005

Privacy and workplace e-mail in the US

WomensBiz.US has asked a range of American lawyers about privacy of workplace e-mail. Thanks to Gerry Riskin for pointing me to The Common Scold's posting about this article:

The Fizz June05 - WomensBiz.US:

"With the recent ruling awarding 30 million dollars to saleswoman Laura Zubulake, who won her sex discrimination case against UBS with the help of subpoenaed e-mail messages, a Pandora's box of issues is emerging regarding work-product privileges in this new age of electronic communications. Many states now have laws requiring employers to preserve all electronic documents, including those generated by their employees on personal business. So we asked you to tell us if you think it's fair to eavesdrop on employee conversations via phone or e-mail? Are our Blackberries and home computers no longer private? And how far do you think this will go? This is what you said!"

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