Friday, July 22, 2005

Privacy concerns prompt meth ordinance revision

I blogged a little while ago about privacy issues and the response of Clovis, New Mexico, to concerns about people buying over the counter cold remedies which are precursors to methamphetamines (The Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Privacy and the regulation of the sale of OTC cold remedies). In response to some privacy concerns, the proposed ordinance has been amended:

Privacy concerns prompt meth ordinance revision

"....The ordinance states that anyone wishing to purchase a pseudophedrine product must write their name and address on a log. In response to privacy concerns, the ordinance now states that retailers must conceal the log in a folder or in some other manner to prevent observation by other customers. The purchaser still must present photo identification.

Another added provision dictates the log must be picked up from retailers by law enforcement on “about a weekly basis,” according to Van Soelen. The logs must be destroyed by law enforcement after 3 to 6 months, Van Soelen said. ..."

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