Sunday, July 17, 2005

Privacy and the regulation of the sale of OTC cold remedies

The community of Clovis, New Mexico, is considering passing an ordinance to regulate the sale of over the counter cold and allergy remedies because they are essential ingredients for making methamphetamines. The ordinance will require that the drugs be kept behind the counter, purchasers will have to provide photo ID (the details of which will be logged) and they will be limited to three packages per purchase. Some are questioning the ordinance, from a privacy perspective and about whether it will be effective. One person is quoted saying that she and her husband live in the country and have allergies. Their weekly consumption of the drugs may give the police probable cause to search their house. Since the police usually use SWAT team tactics in executing meth-related warrants, I can just imagine how unpleasant a "false positive" could be. See the story online: Detractors question effectiveness of meth strategy.

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