Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Potter Injunction - It Could Have Been Worse

If you are a regular reader of Michael Geist's blog or any other form of media known to humanity, you have heard about the injunction obtained by Raincoast Books about the accidental sale of a few copies of the latest Harry Potter novel. Some, including Michael, have been very critical of the order obtained by the Canadian publisher. While I won't comment on that, Michael's posted a summary of what the publisher was asking for, but didn't get. The judge declined to order that anyone who got their hands on the book should hand over information about anyone who may have been privy to any discussion of the embargoed book:

Michael Geist - The Potter Injunction - It Could Have Been Worse

"...There are two things to take from this additional level of detail. First, Raincoast Books sought an order that not only would curtail basic freedoms but it also targeted individual privacy by literally seeking legal authority to compel disclosure about anyone who may have learned of the contents of the book. Second, the judge that issued this order did indeed consider the consequences of the order and amazingly felt that it was appropriate to limit the freedom to read, freedom of speech, and the freedom of personal property."

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