Saturday, July 30, 2005

Incident: Computer breach leaves San Diego county personnel vulnerable

System administrators at the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association have discovered that someone has illicitly gained access to the Association's database that contains sensitive personal information about members, including current law enforcement officers:

Computer breach leaves county personnel vulnerable North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News

"SAN DIEGO ---- A computer breach may have exposed more than 32,000 current and former San Diego County employees to financial danger and may have revealed the closely guarded home addresses of some 5,000 law enforcement personnel, officials said Friday.

Two computers containing names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and addresses of current and retired San Diego County employees and their assigned departments were apparently hacked last week, San Diego County Employees Retirement Association leaders said.


Brian White, executive director of the association, the independent agency that manages the county's $6.3 billion pension fund, said Friday that the association was busily mailing warnings to its members about the breach.


However, a number of officials on Friday said they were even more troubled by the fact the information ---- if it was downloaded ---- contained the home addresses of all current and retired members of the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and district attorney's office.

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