Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Canadian Privacy Law Blog has Moved!

After ages of deliberating, I've taken the plunge and moved this blog to my own domain: The Canadian Privacy Law Blog.

The new RSS feed is at

I was wary of making the move, since it'll probably throw off all my previous Google rankings and my RSS subscribers, but I did manage to leave the old blog at, with a redirect on each page so that all old links will redirect to the relevant page on the new server.

What follows is more geekish than usual, but it may be helpful for anyone else figuring out how to move a blog from blog*spot to another domain.

Follow the instructions that you can find here, but also add the following to the top of your blog templates, just after the <BODY> tag:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> if (location.href.indexOf("") != -1){} else { window.location = location.href.replace('', ''); } </SCRIPT>

I couldn't find any websites with a complete how-to, so I figured I'd post it here in case it can save anybody half a day of learning about javascript.

Before you publish to your new location, republish the blog on Blog*Spot, so that the pages left on Blog*Spot include the redirect code.

Also, as soon as you move to the new server, create a new blog with the old blogspot domain so that it will not be overwritten by anyone else.

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