Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The other side of ChoicePoint

A blog I hadn't seen before (but which I'll likely blogroll), the Open Society Paradox, considers the benefits or organizations like ChoicePoint:
The Open Society Paradox: The Stampede Continues:
  • "Employment verification to help with child support collection. Their web site claims that they have helped agencies collect millions of dollars for children.
  • Screening of vendors that companies may choose to conduct business with.
  • Background screening for employers so that former criminals aren't hired into jobs where they might put people at risk.
  • Identity verification to help with the issuing of driver's licenses, something that can help reduce identity theft.
  • Information to help the government prevent fraud in publicly funded programs such as food stamps, welfare, taxation, low-income housing, government loans.
  • Information to help the government determine eligibility levels for benefits.
  • Information to help investigators locate potential criminal or terrorist suspects.
  • I'd like to know the savings that accrue because of the availability of ChoicePoint's information and it's ability to reduce friction in various types of economic transactions. "

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