Sunday, March 20, 2005

What your photocopier knows about you ...

The Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner's office is raising the alert about security and privacy issues related to newer photocopiers and fax machines. Their hard-drives may store information without the user's knowledge:

Yahoo! News - Alta privacy office says hi-tech fax machines an overlooked security risk:

"CALGARY (CP) - In the realm of high-tech dangers, few would consider the lowly fax machine or photocopier a security risk.

That would be naive, says Tim Chander, research manager of Alberta's Office of Information and Privacy.

'It's not your grandfather's printer anymore - these things are computers with hard drives that can be connected to the Internet,' said Chander.

'Anything you're photocopying (is) copied and stored on the hard drives unless they are overwritten.'

Chander said most businesses, government offices and health authorities lease their office equipment without considering the security ramifications.

'We haven't had a complaint come to our office. We just want organizations to be aware that anyone photocopying personal, business or health information to realize that when your lease is up, your information is going out the door,' he said...."

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