Friday, March 18, 2005

Incident: Hacker Accesses Thousands of Personal Data Files at CSU Chico

Yet another university security incident involving personal information, this time from CSU Chico:

Hacker Accesses Thousands of Personal Data Files at CSU Chico:

"Officials at CSU Chico are notifying thousands of current, former and prospective students, faculty and staff that a computer hacker accessed their names and Social Security numbers.

The letters detailing the personal information breach are going out now. The university's computer monitoring system caught some unauthorized software on the network in early February and determined that someone had broken into a computer server at the university's housing and food service center last July. The hacker had installed software to store files on the server. The individual also attempted to break into other computers.

In the eight months since the breach, university officials said it doesn't appear the hacker actually accessed personal data. 'Even though we didn't find proof that the data had been compromised, because the person had access to the system we wanted to send out the notification as a precaution,' said CSUC Information Security Officer Brooke Banks...."

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