Monday, March 14, 2005

Rob Hyndman wades into the AOL debate

Fellow Canadian blogger and technology lawyer, Rob Hyndman, is quoted in eWeek discussing the AOL Terms of Service that have caused such a stir recently. I have to say that I agree with his observations about how easy it is to draft something heavily in favour of your client which may not be entirely appropriate given the circumstances. Read his contributions here:

AOL: AIM Conversations Are Safe:

"....Rob Hyndman, a technology lawyer based in Ontario, pointed out that the terms of service covers the entire AIM product and does not explicitly exclude instant messaging.

'I think the AOLs of the world don't take the impact their TOS [terms of service] have on users seriously enough, generally because they have market power and the customer doesn't,' Hyndman told, arguing that the AIM terms of service appears all-encompassing."

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