Saturday, March 12, 2005

Incident: Personal information taken in Nevada DMV office break-in

Thieves made off with a computer from a Nevada DMV office that contained sensitive personal information of 8,900 individuals who had applied for drivers' licenses between November 25 and March 4. The DMV originally said that the drives were encrypted (which would render the information inaccessible to the thieves), but this was not the case. From the Las Vegas Sun:

Las Vegas SUN: Personal information taken in Nevada DMV office break-in:

"NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) - Personal information from more than 8,900 people was stolen when thieves broke into a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles office, officials said Friday.

A computer taken during the break-in contained names, ages, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, photographs and signatures of southern Nevada residents who obtained driver's licenses between Nov. 25 and March 4 at the North Las Vegas office, state DMV chief Ginny Lewis said...."

Thanks to PrivacySpot for the pointer: Nevada DMV Thieves Get Personal Information | - Privacy Law and Data Protection.

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