Monday, November 08, 2004

Fingerprint-protest worker fired (New Zealand Herald)

The New Zealand Herald is carrying a story about a man who was canned from his job because he refused to use his employer's electronic punch card system that required his fingerprint to clock in and out of work:

New Zealand News - - Fingerprint-protest worker fired:

"David Barnes has forfeited his job at an Auckland printing works rather than become a 'marked commodity' by surrendering his fingerprints to his employer.

'Where does it all end?' he said yesterday of his dismissal as a maintenance engineer for PMP Print in Wiri.

'Ultimately we'll be no more than producers and consumers in an extremely regulated Big Brother society that I don't wish to be part of.'

Mr Barnes, 52, was sacked last month for alleged serious misconduct for refusing to allow his fingerprints to be scanned into a machine for identification when clocking on and off... "

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Anonymous said...

Good for Mr. Barnes.