Saturday, November 06, 2004

HIPAA ID theft guilty plea results in jail time

In August of this year, Richard Gibson of the Seattle area pleaded guilty to violating the US health privacy law, HIPAA, and became the first person convicted under that law for violating the privacy of a patient. See US Privacy Law Leads to Conviction for ID Theft and Fraud.) Gibson was just sentenced to sixteen months in prision and was ordered to pay restitution to his victims:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Man sentenced for stealing cancer patient's identity:

"The technician, Richard W. Gibson, 42, was sentenced to 16 months in prison Friday, the first person in the nation sentenced under a new law designed to protect patients' privacy, federal prosecutors said. He also will be required to pay at least $15,000 in restitution, including reimbursing Drew for the time and money he spent trying to clear his name."

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