Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Incident: New York schools dump sensitive records on sidewalk (NY Daily News)

The New York Daily News is reporting what appears to be a horrible breach of privacy related to some of the most vulnerable students in the charge of the New York school board:

New York Daily News - Home - Secret school files dumped:

"A decade's worth of tragic childhood tales - confidential records of students schooled at home because of horrible injuries or debilitating illnesses - were callously dumped last week on a Bronx street.

It was an absolutely startling thing to see: 300 pounds of very private papers, left just outside a Department of Education office like useless trash, sitting beside empty pizza boxes, old air conditioning filters and other recyclables.

Tucked inside hundreds of folders were sensitive, heartrending stories - children handicapped, children shot or beaten and children slowly dying of cancer...."

Thanks PrivacySpot.com for the pointer: New York's FERPA Blunder.

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