Thursday, November 25, 2004

Privacy and fraud are scaring consumers away from e-commerce

CBS5 from the San Francisco bay area is reporting on an e-mail survey done by TRUSTe that suggests that many consumers are being scared away from shopping online because of privacy fears and the risk of identity theft: - ONLINE SHOPPERS CONCERNED ABOUT PRIVACY, STUDY SAYS:

"Holiday shoppers are less inclined to buy online this season for fear of identity theft and other privacy issues, according to a survey released today.

TRUSTe, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that provides seals of approval to Web sites that protect users' privacy, reported today that about six in 10 consumers, or 58 percent, might reduce their online shopping because of privacy concerns.

That's up from last year, when 49 percent of those surveyed said they might back off online shopping.... "

Thanks to Privacy Digest for the pointer.

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