Thursday, November 11, 2004

EDS / IAPP privacy survey released

I linked to a Globetechnology article a little while ago that referred to a survey on consumer attitudes and privacy (With privacy, customer actions lag behind their words). Now the survey in question, the EDS / IAPP Privacy & Identity Management Survey, has been made available on EDS' website:

"As the need for privacy, security and strong identification management is stressed in virtually every aspect of our lives, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to shoulder the responsibility of addressing their customers’ requirements in those areas. EDS, the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the Ponemon Institute© recently conducted a study that reveals consumers’ habits, perceptions and requirements concerning identity management and the privacy of their personal information. Their responses reveal an awareness, but also a need for organizations to evaluate and improve consumer education on identity theft, a need for understanding consumer wants and needs, and a need for innovative identity management solutions."

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